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Beyond the Basics

Determining the Class of an Office Building

Tenants are often on the lookout for a “Class A” building, or even a “Class B” building that balances quality with a more cost-efficient price point. Of course, the difficulty with these distinctions is that they are often based on opinion and not alw...

How "Common Area" Affects Rent

One of the most clouded concepts in commercial real estate for many tenants is the idea that they are, in fact, paying for more space than they actually "use." Landlords use a formula to set a rental rate that factors in both the actual space being used...

Usable vs rentable square feet

The term “usable square feet ” describes the exact square footage of the commercial space you’re leasing. This refers only to those facilities that your company will exclusively occupy, including office space, storage space, and private bathrooms. If you’...

You Don't Need So Much Office Space

Many companies focus on maximizing their costs savings by finding and negotiating the best rental rate per square foot. What they seem to forget is that there is a second, at times more productive, way to reduced rental overhead. There are two ways...

The Pros and Cons of Using a Commercial Real Estate Broker

Is it worth it to sift through many listings in the target area and suit up for aggressive negotiations without using a commercial real estate broker? This article examines the pros and cons of finding your own office space versus using a broker's expertise.

How to Avoid Common Commercial Leasing Mistakes

Leases are unforgiving sorts of documents, once they are signed. Many a tenant has put pen to the signature line on a lease that ended up being bad for the business, in one way or another.

What is a LEED Certification, and How Do You Get LEED Certified

LEED, which stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a green building rating program. It operates under the umbrella of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), a non-profit coalition of building industry leaders.

Extending Your Office Lease: Should You Sign a Lease Extension Agreement?

As you step into the elevator of your office building one morning, you suddenly realize that your lease expires in three months, and you should probably start thinking about whether to renew or not. Unfortunately, since it took until now for this to occur to you, it is too late to get a great result on a lease renewal.

Short Term Leases - How to Find Flexible Leases and When to go with a Sublease

Three years is the usual minimum for a standard commercial lease term, which for some businesses is nearly three years too long. Small businesses and start-ups need flexibility--shorter lease terms and very few strings--in order to establish themselves in the market.