TLC for Kids, Inc. DBA TLC Familycare

St. Louis Natives and sisters Sharon and Stephanie Graff started TLC for Kids over 30 years ago so families could have easy access to the highest caliber one-on-one childcare.

TLC for Kids, Inc, DBA TLC Familycare helps parents secure safe, quality care for their loved ones. TLC has a team of recruiters who spend all of their time searching for caregivers with experience, education and the highest capabilities. They work with special ed students and teachers, nursing students, education majors, social work students, teachers, mothers, and more. TLC's screening process is so intricate. No stone is left unturned. The TLC office staff is comprised of mothers and caregivers. "We don’t represent any caregiver that we wouldn’t trust with our own children."

In addition to safety, TLC makes the process easy for parents. When a child is sick and parent needs to get to work, they can call TLC and know a loving nurturing caregiver will be available for them. When a parent has an important event, she can make one call to TLC instead of calling her list of caregivers and waiting to hear back. And, when a family is looking for a full-time nanny for their children or companion for their parent, they can come to TLC and we will send them candidates who have been fully vetted and screened and they just need to meet them and pick one.