ArtVIA is an interior design boutique firm located in Houston (Texas), offering an innovative perspective for your style by making your lifestyle the center of our design vision.

We specialize in residential and commercial redesign that infuses global flair and creates looks that are influenced by European sophistication of living. The spaces we create skillfully fuse modern and contemporary elements into classically inspired styles to create a timeless design.

From commercial spaces to residential design, the artVIA team’s capabilities deliver the expertise necessary to elevate your style! We invite you to go to a place where design inspires you to morph your surroundings into FASCINATING AND PURPOSEFUL ENVIRONMENTS that function, flow, feel and provide an elevated state of mind. Design starts as a desire to improve, transform and change how we feel about the environments we are surrounded with. artVIA will orchestrate a design which creates a harmonious whole in which the architecture, site, function, and visual aspects of the interior are unified, pleasing to mind and body, and appropriate to the activities to be pursued there. Design is Art, Beauty, an Expression, and a daring Thought. Are you ready to dare and follow your dreams?