10x more leads than free accounts

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Fully Branded

Take control of how your listings are branded. Use your brokerage or landlord branding in place of all advertisements. Guarantee that your listings only offer your services.

It keeps your listings clean and simple.

Elite branded

Repost Listings

Elite accounts repost listings to the front page, they don't expire until you remove them.

Listings are shown in searches ordered by a popularity score that is heavily based on the time since a listing was posted. A listing almost always starts on the first page of results, but within a week can be down the second page of results. Free accounts only get their listings posted once and then fall off the front page.

Only Elite accounts can get their listings re-posted to the front page, which has 4x - 10x more traffic.

Elite impressions

Real-Time Analytics

Track how your properties and listings are doing in the online marketplace. Get stats on your listings impressions, views, and inquiries, and compare how they do over time.

Breakdown analytics for your entire portfolio of listings or hone in on specific properties. Compare your listings to the performance of similar listings.

Elite analytics

Impress Landlords

Show your landlord that you go the extra mile to market their availabilities. And win new landlord business by differentiating yourself from non-tech savvy brokers.

Elite landlords

Budget Friendly

Spend your building’s marketing budget wisely. An Elite membership has the highest ROI of any marketing ad spend. When a landlord chooses to make their listings Elite, that automatically upgrades your account to Elite as well.

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Elite is the best way to get more leads

Elite members get more leads and exposure in the market. With Elite, your listings get prime placement in search results.

Not a listing agent? With Elite, your tenant rep services are offered to unrepresented tenants looking for space.

Upgrade to Elite

Limited Elite
Free to Post Listings
Send us listings in any form and we will post them for free
Visibility to Thousands of Searchers
100's of thousands of searches per month.
Continuous Reposting for Your Listings
Listings for Elite Properties are automatically reposted to the top of the page so they are always in the first page of search results. Limited accounts can post each listing once, and it will expire after 90 days.
Fully Branded Property Pages
Use your brokerage or landlord branding to replace competitor advertisements.
No Tenant Rep Ads on Your Listings
Be the only broker listed on your property.
Display Multiple Brokers on Your Properties
Display multiple contact agents so you and your partner can appear on listings together.
Qualified Inquiries
Get contacted directly by interested tenants.
Real-Time Analytics and Market Intelligence
View impressions, page views, and inquiries. Download reports to share with your team and landlords.
Enhanced SEO
Use 42Floors' "link juice" and backlink a web page of your choosing on our site.
Dedicated Customer Support
Elite customers get priority support and data management. 42Floors will add, edit, manage, and update your listings for you.