Debra Wilde Design

Debra A. Wilde is an interior designer and color consultant with over 20 years of experience. Her company, Debra Wilde Design, was born of a life-long passion for color and its ability to enhance our lives through design. Ms. Wilde is the only color consultant in Oregon accredited through the International Association of Color Consultants/Designers (IACC). In 2001, she was recognized by Architectural Digest magazine as one of the "Outstanding Interior Designers of Oregon."

Years of research and hands-on experience led to the development of The Core Color Plan, a key design tool utilized at Debra Wilde Design. For both residential and commercial projects, The Core Color Plan unveils the client's unique response to color; it is a building block that informs both function and interaction within Ms. Wilde's design practice. Debra Wilde Design seeks harmony between functionality, aesthetics, company branding and site location and has a proven track record for developing effective and enduring partnerships with contractors and facility teams.