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Located in Cook County, Illinois the village of Worth features a residential population of approximately 11,000 individuals. Thanks to Worth’s advantageous positioning as a suburb of Chicago, the residents of this village can easily commute into the state and region’s largest urban center for both professional and personal enrichment. Business owners actively researching rental properties for lease in Worth, including office space for rent and commercial space for rent, will enjoy the numerous economic advantages that the community’s close proximity to Chicago provides. The numerous neighborhood zones throughout Worth host an array of businesses that have been nurtured and sustained by both local residents and consumers across the state.

Worth Economic Overview

Median household incomes in Worth are directly in line with state averages. Because of this, Worth is considered to be predominantly middle class. Common occupations for residents of this community include positions in the construction, manufacturing and transportation industries, among others. Unemployment levels in Worth are slightly higher than state averages, due in large part to the region’s dependence on the manufacturing industries, many of which were severely damaged during the 2008 financial crisis. The per capita income for Worth is approximately $19,500. Currently, 7.0% of families within the community are living below the poverty line.

Worth At A Glance

Worth is currently organized using a President-Trustee government scheme, with all personnel involved in these leadership positions first being elected by the residents of the village itself. Residents of the community are able to take full advantage of the Metra SouthWest rail service, which features daily routes to Manhattan, Illinois, and Chicago’s Union Station. Demographically, Worth is predominantly Caucasian, with only 7% of the population representing additional ethnic groups. 46% of the location population is married.

Where To Lease In Worth

As is common with many of the communities oriented in close proximity to the Chicago metropolitan area, business owners here often attempt to capture the attention of both a local customer base as well as clientele from within Chicago. Because of this, the vast majority of retail, commercial and office properties in Worth are located within the city center. Those invested in achieving financial success in Worth should actively seek out the most visible and impressive commercial properties available that remain within budget.

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