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Indio Commercial Real Estate

42150 Jackson St - 5 Spaces Indio, CA Close Highway.
Jan 05
1,200 - 1,300
44100 Jefferson St - 3 Spaces Indio, CA  
Dec 21
1,330 - 5,000
82530 CA-111 - Space Indio, CA  
Dec 21
Office Retail
82227 CA-111 - Entire Building Indio, CA  
Dec 21
For Sale Retail
43460 Burr St - Entire Building Indio, CA fellowship hall, offices, classrooms, and HVAC
Aug 18
For Sale Office Medical Retail Industrial


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Indio Office & Commercial Space

Located within Riverside County, California, the city of Indio currently is home to nearly 80,000 inhabitants. Approximately 130 miles from Los Angeles and only 100 miles from the US-Mexico border, Indio features a unique mix of cultures and communities, helping to create a diverse social fabric that distinguishes this community from others nearby. The large number of festivals and cultural events that take place here on an annual basis has helped this city earn the nickname, “City of Festivals." Rental properties for lease in Indio, including office space for rent and commercial space for rent, may prove to be highly advantageous for business owners interested in establishing a presence in a more affordable region of the state which still allows for future expansion and growth. The neighborhood zones throughout Indio currently host numerous business establishments.

Indio Economic Overview

Indio has long been considered one of California’s most important agricultural centers. Although the area was once known for its date crop exports, the yield on this particular crop has declined somewhat in recent years, due in large part to logistical development and expansion in the city. Nevertheless, the citrus and vegetable harvesting that occur here on an annual basis serve as a vital element within the local economy. Tourism is also a substantial source of revenue for Indio, as many individuals come from around the world to visit the Shields Date Gardens. Median household income levels in Indio are approximately $47,000, only slightly below state averages. Recently, the city has made an extensive effort to attract larger corporations to establish bases of operation within their borders.

Indio At A Glance

The origins of Indio can be traced back to 1873, when the first rail lines were constructed from Los Angeles to this region of the state. Due to its prime location as a halfway point between Yuma and Los Angeles, Indio received significant investment and attention during the closing years of the 19th century. Following its rise to prominence as a railroad center, Indio transformed itself into one of the state’s most prosperous agricultural centers. Following a real estate boom in 2006, Indio hosted a substantial number of affluent migrants from other areas of the state and country at large. Popular attractions occurring within and near Indio include the Coachella Valley Music Festival, the Coachella Valley History Museum, and the Fantasy Springs Resort Casino.

Where to Lease in Indio

For those attempting to establish an agricultural or retail establishment in Indio, the available properties found here may prove to be immensely beneficial. Business owners are advised to seek out properties in the more centrally located areas of town if they are hoping to engage with the extensive number of tourists who make their way here each year.

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