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Sausalito Office Space

Sausalito is a small township located directly north of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. It is a small town with a population of 7,000, and all the office space is located directly on the main boulevard, Bridgeway Boulevard, or a block or two from it. This street winds the whole length of the town along the bay.

For those looking to rent office space by the Southern Wanterfront, there is a small cluster of spaces available on 2nd Street, just a block over from Bridgeway. This is isolated from the rest of the office space, which wends it was pretty consistently from downtown Sausalito up to the Marinship, following the path set by Bridgeway Boulevard. There are no massive office spaces available in Sauselito, and no large warehouses. It is a place for small or modestly-sized businesses looking to rent just outside of San Francisco’s boundaries, but still within a very close distance of the city.

Sausalito at a Glance

Due to its proximity to the Golden Gate Bridge, Sauselito receives a good deal of tourism and traffic, both from auto drivers and bicyclists. It is also a great place for park enthusiasts, since it is sandwiched between Golden Gate Park to the west and the San Francisco Bay to the east. A myriad of other small parks can be found throughout the town and along its shoreline.

Sausalito is located directly off of Highway 101 (which runs across the Golden Gate Bridge). It also gets a ferry that runs between it and San Francisco. This helps feed its tourism, while at the same time making it a great way for residents of Sausalito to get into the city and see the sights San Francisco has to offer.

Where to Rent in Sausalito

Sausalito office spaces tend to be more expensive than many of the towns outside of San Francisco, due primarily to its conveniently short distance from the city itself. However, the prices are not extremely high, and they tend to get more affordable the further north one moves along Bridgeway Boulevard. The most expensive spaces are located by the Southern Waterfront.

For those who wish to be located as close to San Francisco or the Presidio as possible, the office spaces by the Southern Waterfront may serve them best. Others may wish to locate themselves in Sausalito’s downtown office spaces, or slightly to the north in the cheaper spaces.

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