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San Bernardino County Office & Commercial Space

Situated within the southern region of California, San Bernardino County, official known as the County of San Bernardino, is the fifth largest in the state by population and the 12th most heavily populated in the country. Considered an integral element of California’s Inland Empire, San Bernardino County includes a number of significant cities, including San Bernardino, Ontario and Rancho Cucamonga, among others. Business owners seeking rental properties for lease in this region of the state, including office space for rent and commercial space for rent, may find that this county offers numerous opportunities to develop and expand business operations. The numerous neighborhood zones situated throughout San Bernardino County currently host a vast array of small, medium and large-sized business enterprises.

San Bernardino County Economic Overview

Some of the more popular industries in San Bernardino County include construction, public administration, education, and healthcare, among others. Over 40% of the population in San Bernardino County is employed in privately-held companies. According to recent studies, it is estimated that well over 10% of the population in San Bernardino County currently lives below the official poverty line. The per capita income of San Bernardino County is approximately $17,000. Some of the larger employers in San Bernardino County include the University of California, Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, U.S. Marine Corps Air, and the United States Postal Service, among others.

San Bernardino County At A Glance

San Bernardino County was first formed in 1853 out of various sections of the larger Los Angeles County. Sections of San Bernardino County were later offered to the fledgling Riverside County in 1893. The development of this particular region largely coincides with the growth of many of the larger cities in the area. Today, San Bernardino County hosts a wide array of cultures, businesses and noteworthy attractions. The population of San Bernardino, while predominantly Caucasian, also features numerous other ethnic groups from all corners of the globe.

Where to Lease in San Bernardino County

For those seeking to find rental properties in San Bernardino County that guarantee maximum visibility and exposure, locations in the aforementioned larger cities in the area should first be researched, as the vast majority of economic activity occurs here. That being said, it is highly likely that suitable properties can be found in any one of several cities and smaller communities situated throughout San Bernardino County at large.

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