France-based software development company Tesseract Solutions recently announced the establishment of its U.S. headquarters in Pittsburgh’s “Robotics Row.”

Dubbed KMeleon, Inc., the U.S. branch brings the company’s proprietary technology from the old world to the new: The company provides a unique solution for robotic arms programming, which eliminates the need to use source code or complicated programming language. Specifically, Tesseract Solutions’ technology provides major robot suppliers with a simple, universal programming language, as well as a three-dimensional interface to simulate different movements and measure cycle time more quickly and efficiently.

The company’s international expansion was supported by the Pittsburgh Regional Alliance (PRA), which serves as an economic development affiliate of the Allegheny Conference on Community Development. The PRA has been hard at work attracting strategic investment opportunities and talent to the 10-county Pittsburgh region, as well as helping existing regional businesses to grow. In partnership with the Pittsburgh Robotics Network and Sparksense, the PRA was instrumental in streamlining KMeleon’s expansion to Pittsburgh.

Following sustained efforts to revitalize and diversify the regional economy, in recent years, Pittsburgh has ranked among the top cities for representation of women in STEM employment in the northeastern U.S. region, as well as one of the most attractive metros for Gen Zers of the country’s 50 largest metropolitan statistical areas. Largely due to the unique talent pipeline at Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Mellon University, companies like Argo AI, Locomation, and Near Earth are creating a hub of autonomous innovation, thereby elevating Pittsburgh as a worldwide leader in autonomous vehicle development.

Until it selects a permanent Pittsburgh-based office, Kmeleon, Inc. will temporarily operate out of Lower Lawrenceville. More precisely, Kmeleon will be setting up shop at Field Day — a coworking space in the Pittsburgh Strip District. Field Day is located in a modernized historic building that was originally constructed in 1910 by Ford Motor Co. for manufacturing.

“We couldn’t have been happier to work with KMeleon on selecting Pittsburgh,” said PRA President, Mark Anthony Thomas. “France has been investing heavily over the last several years in cultivating a strong ecosystem of tech companies, with the United States as a key market for growth. By being in Pittsburgh, KMeleon has positioned itself to thrive as part of one of the world’s top robotics clusters.  It’s also adding to an ecosystem of transformative companies and founders that recognize that Pittsburgh is where what’s next in tech is happening now.”

Pittsburgh Robotics Network Executive Director, Joel Reed, added: “I’m thrilled to welcome KMeleon to the Pittsburgh robotics community. They choose Pittsburgh because of its concentration of talent, innovation and commercial collaboration. It also helped that the Pittsburgh region offers an extensive support system for entrepreneurs and robotics leaders that’s no more evident than in the partnership between the Pittsburgh Robotics Network (PRN) and the Pittsburgh Regional Alliance (PRA). Starting a company and opening new offices is exciting, but not without its challenges. Our two organizations exist to make the process of coming to and growing in Pittsburgh — the robotics capital of the world — easier.”

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