Founded on the core belief that personal well-being and professional success are profoundly intertwined, SOMO Cowork opens its doors to enterprise organizations, growing start-ups, solo professionals and remote workers looking for a better way to work in the North Bay region.

Join the grand opening party at 3 p.m. on October 15, 2022, at 1500 Valley House Drive, Suite 210, in Rohnert Park, Calif.! Take a tour of the work spaces, try the interactive amenities and meet the community.

SOMO Cowork offers a timely, customer-oriented solution in a 24,000-square-foot facility that’s conveniently located in the 101 Corridor segment between Santa Rosa and Petaluma. The organization offers a sustainable balance between work, wellness, and mindful living: SOMO welcomes members in a solar-powered, modern, and inspiring workspace that provides convenience, flexibility, and a vibrant, socially conscious coworking community.

1500 Valley House Drive, Rohnert Park, Calif. Photo credit: SOMO Cowork.

Here, members have a choice of 65 fully furnished private office suites, in addition to various membership packages designed to answer various flexibility needs. On-site professional amenities include 24/7 secure access; reservable conference rooms; a podcast room; private phone booths; a kitchen and lounge; complimentary coffee and tea; guest reception; and a 9-to-5 community manager.

On the wellness side, SOMO Cowork offers a meditation room with a zero-gravity massage chair; a massage room; a movement room with a VR headset; a spin room with a NordicTrack Bike; and shower facilities.

SOMO is centrally and conveniently located off U.S. 101 in Sonoma County. It’s also close to the SMART train Cotati station, as well as the Camino Colegio and Manchester bus stop. As such, SOMO offers easy access from Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Sebastopol, and Sonoma. The ample on-site parking is complemented by bicycle storage and several electric vehicle charging stations.

SOMO Cowork is developed by SOMO Group as an extension of the SOMO Village community — a mixed-use development located in Sonoma County in Northern California. Looking to the future, SOMO Group works with a mission to build and manage high-quality, sustainable, commercial and residential real estate developments that are always in tune with how people want to live and work.

The company’s SOMO Village project aims to promote a meaningful and healthy lifestyle through intentionally designed spaces and community engagement guided by three key principles: building stronger connections with surrounding people and places; making choices that are good for the environment and the community; and actively promoting a healthy balance between life and work.