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And change the way people find their dream office.

42Floors is looking for a motivated remote Salesperson to join our team!

We were established in 2011 with the goal of making it easier to find office space online. We work with brokerages across the country to get their listings up on the site and make them accessible to tenants looking for space. Our premium advertising membership allows brokers to get more exposure on 42Floors. Our sales team lives all over the country, working from home. We would love for you to join!

We need someone who is ready to jump on the phone and talk to commercial real estate brokers about 42Floors. You will explain how 42Floors works and pitch them on our Elite program. You will call leads from our database of brokers--no need to prospect your own list. We have created marketing reports, custom emails, and pitch materials so you can focus on talking to brokers and closing deals.

Our sales team is comprised of Sales Development Representatives (SDR) and Account Executives (AE). Everyone starts as an SDR.

Sales Development Representative

  • You’re responsible for setting demos appointments for the AEs
  • Your compensation is based on $15/hour plus commission for each qualified appointment that occurs.
  • The On-Track Earning for this position is $4,000-$6,000 per month, all-in.
  • You’ll work primarily out of SalesLoft, a sales automation software platform that you’ll absolutely love.
  • The top SDR, judged on number of demos set, is offered the opportunity to move to the Account Executive position. This promotion is based purely on performance, irrespective of how long someone has been at the company.

Account Executive

  • You’re responsible for demoing our Elite membership to interested brokers.
  • Your compensation is based on $15/hour commission plus commission for the amount of revenue you close.
  • The On-Track Earning for this position is $5000-$7000 per month, all-in
  • You’ll work primarily out of Salesforce

1099, W2, and benefits

Everyone starts as a 1099 contractor, for a maximum of 3 months. Working remotely isn’t for everyone and 42Floors isn’t for everyone. We’re a performance-driven company and we love our remote structure, and the independence it affords us.

When it’s a clear match, we invite you to move over to W2 and join our benefits plan and receive stock options. This can happen anytime within the first 3 months, and often much quicker. The key is showing that you have the hustle to match the output of our top salespeople, the discipline to follow our scripts exactly, and the focus to achieve high percentage closing rates.

Sometimes it’s not a match. The 3 most common reasons are 1. New to remote work and don’t have a place to work without interruptions 2. Inability to learn our systems. (they’re not complex, but we move fast and you need to be comfortable keeping up with our pace) 3. Unwilling to follow our process and scripts. If it’s not a match in the first few days, we’ll pay you for all your time in the training process, but ask that we part ways.

You Should Have:

  • Impeccable work ethic
  • Experience in outbound tele-sales.
  • The ability to make a high volume of quality calls and emails with unrelenting energy
  • An appreciation of a script-driven sales process. Our process works and the scripts are awesome.
  • Absolute commitment to making our customers happy
  • Non-stop hustle and attention to detail
  • The ability to easily pick up new technologies. If you are not self-sufficient in your use of computers, this position will not work for you since it’s difficult for us to provide IT support to remote people.
  • You should have a capable computer and steady internet connection that supports using our Voice-Over-IP internet-calling software. 25mb down and 5 mb up is the minimum. Check your own internet connection at

We Provide You:

  • All the leads you need. You don't have to prospect for leads
  • A ready-to-go phone/email script and collateral. You don't need to demo in person.
  • Opportunity to receive healthcare benefits and stock options as a W2 employee by the 3 month mark, based on hitting targets.

Hiring Process:

  1. Submit your resume and fill out our online application.

    Estimated time: 5 minutes. 50% are selected to advance.

  2. Perform a sales simulation activity online.

    You’ll learn about a product and do a recorded phone call to sell that product. Everyone gets the exact same materials and is graded blindly (graders don’t get to see your resume). You’re judged on attention to detail, enthusiasm, following directions. Estimated time: 20 minutes. Top 10% are selected to advance.

  3. Pitch us on 42Floors.
  4. You’ll first learn the 42Floors pitch. We’ll give you the script and video. Then you’ll schedule a go-to-meeting demo and pitch several people in the company. You’re judged on speed and clarity of the pitch and adherence to the script. The whole demo only takes 5 to 10 minutes. With prep time, estimated time: 1 - 2 hours. Top 5% are selected to receive job offers.

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