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Elmhurst Office & Commercial Space

Located in both DuPage and Cook Counties, the city of Elmhurst features a residential population of approximately 44,000, making it one of the larger communities in this area of the state. Featuring a largely affluent population and a welcoming atmosphere that is ideal for both families and couples, Elmhurst is an excellent location for business owners seeking to take advantage of a vibrant local economy that is capable of sustaining businesses across a wide range of commercial interests. Office space for rent and commercial space for rent in Elmhurst, while somewhat more expensive than in neighboring areas, remains a powerful investment for those seeking to develop a sustainable enterprise in the neighborhood regions of this community that is poised for tremendous growth throughout the region and state.

Elmhurst Economic Overview

Median household incomes in Elmhurst are markedly above state averages. Because of this, the population here is widely considered to be middle class/upper-middle class. Common occupations for residents in Elmhurst include positions in industries such as the professional, scientific and technical services, as well as finance, insurance and manufacturing. Unemployment levels in Elmhurst remain significantly below state averages, thanks in large part to the well-diversified nature of the local economy. The per capita income of Elmhurst is nearly $45,000. As could be expected, only an extremely small percentage (circ. 1.5%) of the population of Elmhurst currently lives below the poverty line. The median income levels for families in Elmhurst are well above $100,000.

Elmhurst At A Glance

The origins of Elmhurst can be traced back to 1842, when this area of the state was first settled by Gerry Bates, a native of Ohio. Today, Elmhurst offers residents and business owners a wide array of both professional and cultural opportunities. A significant religious presence can also be found here, due in large part to the actions of the Christian Reformed Church of North America. Demographically, Elmhurst is primarily Caucasian (93% of the population), with 7% of the local inhabitants representing various other ethnic groups. Notable points of interest here include Elmhurst College and the F.B. Henderson House, which was designed by renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright in 1901.

Where To Lease In Elmhurst

The vast majority of commercial and retail businesses in Elmhurst are located within the downtown area of the community. Business owners seeking to develop a significant presence here are strongly encouraged to explore what rental properties may be available in this particular section of the city.

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