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LaSalle Office & Commercial Space

Forming part of the Ottawa-Streator Metropolitan Area, LaSalle is located within LaSalle County and features a resident population of nearly 10,000. Thanks to a well-developed cultural establishment and economic sector, LaSalle has quickly become one of the more popular destinations for both tourists and entrepreneurs in the region. Business owners interested in finding office space for rent or commercial space for rent in LaSalle County are likely to find rental property for lease in the neighborhood zones throughout this community that will serve as a solid foundation for future success in both the city and state at large.

LaSalle Economic Overview

With median income levels markedly below state averages, the residents of LaSalle are typically middle class / lower-middle class, commonly employed in positions within the retail trade and manufacturing industries. Unemployment in LaSalle has remained quite high since the 2008 financial crisis, an event which significantly damaged the economic infrastructure of many communities within the state. That being said, a number of larger companies, including the Carus Chemical Company and Illinois Cement Company, are based in the region and employ a large number of laborers.

LaSalle At A Glance

LaSalle was first established as an incorporated city in 1852. Thanks to the presence of the Illinois Central Railroad, LaSalle experienced significant development and economic growth during the closing decades of the 19th century. Although the city weathered a period of economic decline in the closing years of the 20th century, it has since entered an era of rebirth and rejuvenation, featuring a substantial influx of small businesses and corporate investment. On a demographic level, LaSalle is largely homogeneous, featuring a dominantly Caucasian population. Notable landmarks here include the LaSalle Speedway and the historic Hegeler Carus Mansion, among others. This community is advantageously situated at the intersection of Interstate 80 and Interstate 39, both of which serve as vital transportation routes here.

Where To Lease In LaSalle

The majority of the newer businesses moving into LaSalle are located within the Downtown area of the community, due in large part to the increased population density and wealth of cultural activities here. Those who do lease property in LaSalle will have many opportunities to connect with the local population and develop lasting professional and personal relationships.

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