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Kankakee Office & Commercial Space

The official seat of Kankakee County, Illinois, the city of Kankakee features a resident population of approximately 27,000. Kankakee's diverse cultural environment and well-established economic infrastructure may prove to be compelling for business owners seeking commercial space for rent or office space for rent in any of the neighborhood zones here. Rental property for lease in Kankakee can become an affordable and advantageous opportunity for entrepreneurs seeking to establish themselves in both the city and state at large.

Kankakee Economic Overview

Featuring a median household income that is significantly lower than state averages, the majority of the residents here are classified within the lower-middle class / lower class income brackets. Because of this, business owners may find it somewhat difficult to establish a lucrative retail establishment here. That being said, house prices and overall cost of living in Kankakee are markedly less than in many of the larger communities in the state, allowing residents to enjoy a level of purchasing power they may not have elsewhere. Common occupations in Kankakee include positions within the manufacturing and construction industries. Unemployment remains somewhat high here following the 2008 financial crisis, due in large part to the fact that the manufacturing industries in Illinois were severely affected by the recession.

Kankakee At A Glance

On a demographic level, Kankakee is quite diverse, with significant populations of both Caucasians and African Americans. The city is home to the Kankakee County Community College, which offers undergraduate education and certificate programs to many of the residents here. Of additional interest here are a variety of city landmarks, including two homes designed by the famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Residents of Kankakee can take advantage of the Amtrak station running through the city for transportation within the state.

Where To Lease In Kankakee

Depending upon the specific type of business that individuals are hoping to establish in Kankakee, a variety of properties may be suitable for lease. Retail establishments typically cluster in the Downtown region of Kankakee, which, while quite small, remains the center of economic activity here. Manufacturing enterprises are typically located on the outskirts of community. Due to the relatively small size of Kankakee, business owners may find it somewhat difficult to find a property that precisely matches their needs and expectations. That being said, the affordability of these properties may prove to be quite compelling.

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