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Iroquois County

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Iroquois County Office & Commercial Space

Located in the northeast region of Illinois in close proximity to the state’s border with Indiana, Iroquois County is the third largest county in the state, featuring a resident population of approximately 30,000. Iroquois County, while sparsely populated, provides residents with a tranquil, peaceful existence that is far removed from the faster tempo of urban living found in Chicago. Those seeking office space for rent or commercial space for rent here may find that the area’s low cost of living and affordable rental rates more than justify pursuing a lease. The neighborhood zones found throughout Iroquois are conducive for business growth and development.

Iroquois County Economic Overview

With an average household income approximately 18% less than state averages, the residents of Iroquois County are typically grouped within the middle class / lower-middle class economic bracket. Typical employment opportunities found here include postings within the agriculture and construction industries. Unemployment levels in Iroquois County have remained relatively high since the recession, due primarily to the fact that many industries represented here were adversely affected by the financial crisis. As the cost of living index in Iroquois County is notably lower than national averages, however, the residents of the cities and villages here are able to enjoy a comfortable standard of living and level of purchasing power.

Iroquois County At A Glance

Iroquois County was first established in 1833, forming out of land originally belonging to Vermillion County. Featuring two incorporated cities and a number of small villages, the area remains somewhat rural, and features an incredibly low population density. The area is home to a substantial number of highways, thoroughfares and railroad lines. A number of notable residents have lived in Iroquois County, including Henry Bacon and Rex Everhart.

Where To Lease In Iroquois County

Given the small size of the communities located in Iroquois County, business owners may find it somewhat difficult to locate rental properties for lease that perfectly match their desired sizes and specifications. The more densely populated areas of the county, such as the cities of Gilman and Watseka, may prove to be the best possible spots for pursuing rental properties for lease in the area. That being said, the affordable prices found on all of the rental properties in the area may prove to be a compelling selling point for business owners hoping to establish a new enterprise on a budget.

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