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Cary Office & Commercial Space

Located within the Algonquin Township in McHenry County, Illinois, Cary features a residential population of nearly 19,000 inhabitants and consists primarily of an affluent population whose incomes are substantially higher than state averages. With average ages in Cary hovering near 36 and 37, the majority of Cary’s residents are well established on both a professional and personal level. The area is also home to a significant number of families with both old and young children. Business owners seeking rental properties for lease, including office space for rent and commercial space for rent, will be able to harness the prosperity of the area and achieve financial success when establishing enterprise in the neighborhood regions of Cary. Businesses in Cary are well positioned for growth in the region and state at large.

Cary Economic Overview

As stated previously, median household incomes in Cary are nearly double the state averages at approximately $100,000 per household. Because of this, the vast majority of Cary’s residents exist within a middle class/ upper-middle class income bracket, allowing them to enjoy a greater degree of purchasing power and freedom to support local businesses. Common areas of employment in Cary include positions within manufacturing, retail trade, and professional, scientific and technical services, among others. Unemployment levels in Cary are markedly below state averages, due in large part to the diversified nature of the economy here.

Cary At A Glance

As is common with many of the smaller communities in this area, Cary’s origins can be traced to the need for an affluent, insulated “bedroom” community in which professionals could enjoy a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere while raising a family. Demographically speaking, Cary is largely Caucasian, with nearly 87% of the population being classified as such. The area is home to a well developed school district and is situated in close proximity to the Union Pacific / Northwest Train Line, which offers daily service into Chicago’s Ogilvie Transportation Center.

Where To Lease In Cary

As could be expected, the best possible locations for business owners seeking viable properties in which to establish a commercial or retail business are located in the city center. A large clustering of commercial enterprises exists here and draws a substantial portion of customer traffic in the area. Those hoping to develop more industrial-based enterprises can take advantage of larger rental properties situated on the outskirts of the town.

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