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Byron Office & Commercial Space

Situated within Ogle County in the state of Illinois, the city of Byron is most known for the presence of the Byron Nuclear Generating Station, one of the last nuclear power plants commissioned by the United States. With a population of only 4,000 (approx.) residents, Byron provides local inhabitants with a quiet, tranquil atmosphere alongside a well-developed economic infrastructure whose well-being is largely anchored to the presence of this large power station. Business owners seeking rental property for lease in Byron, including office space for rent and commercial space for rent, can take advantage of the relatively affordable properties here and develop a sustainable business platform in the neighborhood zones of the community that is primed for further growth.

Byron Economic Overview

Median household incomes in Byron are situated closely in line with state averages. Because of this, the vast majority of the population here is classified within a middle-income bracket. Common occupations for residents of Byron include positions within manufacturing, retail trade, and educational industries. As could be expected, the Nuclear Generation Station is one of the larger employers in the area. Unemployment levels in Byron are closely in line with state averages. This could be explained by the large emphasis on manufacturing in the region, an industry which was severely affected by the recession. The per capita income of Byron is approximately $18,000. According to recent studies, 6.9% of families within this community are currently living below the poverty line.

Byron At A Glance

The origins of Byron can be traced back to Jared Sanford, a settler who rode through the area on a journey to Midway. Since its inception, Byron has remained relatively small on both a population and economic level. The arrival of the Nuclear Generation Station catalyzed the local economy, helping a number of businesses to spring up in the area. Demographically, Byron is almost exclusively Caucasian, with only 2% of the population representing additional ethnic groups. Notable cultural events here include the annual ByronFest, which features music, art and a host of other attractions.

Where To Lease In Byron

The majority of the commercial establishments in Byron are located in close proximity to the Rock River in the southern area of the town. This area is ideal for business owners hoping to capture the attentions of Byron’s consumer base. Manufacturing properties are located in the northern regions of the city, and are available across a wide range of sizes.

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