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Bourbonnais Office & Commercial Space

With a resident population of slightly under 20,000, Bourbonnais is a small residential community located in Kankakee County, Illinois. An integral part of the Kankakee-Bradley Metropolitan Statistical Area, Bourbonnais offers business owners seeking affordable office space for rent a number of appealing rental properties for lease throughout the neighborhood zones of the village. Commercial space for rent in Bourbonnais is significantly less expensive than in more developed regions of the state, and may serve as an excellent point of embarkation for businesses looking to develop and expand within Illinois at large.

Bourbonnais Economic Overview

With median household incomes largely mirroring Illinois state averages, the residents of Bourbonnais are considered solidly middle class. Common occupations for Bourbonnais residents include positions within the manufacturing and retail trade industries. Unemployment levels here have remained somewhat high since the 2008 financial crisis, due in large part to the fact that manufacturing-related industries were severely damaged during this time period. That being said, Bourbonnais has managed to recover the majority of its economic health and now stands on a solid economic footing.

Bourbonnais At A Glance

Bourbonnais was named after Francois Bourbonnais, a fur trapper who arrived in the area in the opening decades of the 19th century. Although Bourbonnais has largely remained on the periphery of economic and cultural development within the state of Illinois, the population of this community has risen steadily since 1970. The community here is largely homogeneous, featuring a predominantly Caucasian and African American population. That being said, a number of other ethnic groups are featured here, albeit in small numbers. As could be expected with many communities across the United States, increased levels of international migration are helping to ensure cultural diversity. Thanks to the presence of a large metropolitan region in the area, Bourbonnais may prove to be a favorable destination for those first arriving in the state.

Where To Lease In Bourbonnais

Due to the relatively small geographical size of Bourbonnais (only 9.31 square miles), business owners hoping to establish a base of operations here should not be overly concerned about the advantages or disadvantages of their location within the boundaries of this village. That being said, prices for rental property may fluctuate slightly depending upon the location’s proximity to the downtown area of Bourbonnais.

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