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Campbell Office & Commercial Space

Located in Santa Clara County in the state of California, the city of Campbell is commonly considered to be one of several communities situated within the renowned Silicon Valley, home to many of the world’s most in-demand technology companies. Although Campbell no longer hosts a substantial number of cutting-edge business enterprises, it remains a highly attractive location for business owners seeking rental properties for lease, including office space for rent and commercial space for rent. The various neighborhood zones of Campbell are currently home to a diverse array of organizations, including both small and large-sized commercial businesses and professional establishments. Entrepreneurs and seasoned business owners alike will find that Campbell provides numerous opportunities for future growth and development.

Campbell Economic Overview

The median household income level in Campbell is nearly $90,000, well above state averages. This is largely due to the presence of several prestigious technology companies in and around the city. Some of the more popular industries in which local residents are employed include manufacturing, retail trade, construction, and the professional, scientific and technical services, among others. Unemployment levels have remained well below state averages, largely due to the diverse nature of the local economy and the relatively high average education level of local residents. According to recent surveys, it is estimated that approximately 3% of the local population currently lives below the poverty line.

Campbell At A Glance

The city of Campbell was first incorporated within the state of California in 1952. Since then, it has grown and developed rapidly, largely due to its location within the famed Silicon Valley. Although much of the agricultural infrastructure that first helped the city expand has slowly been replaced due to urbanization, the city’s legacy has not been forgotten. Demographically, Campbell is primarily Caucasian, although substantial numbers of additional ethnic groups can be found throughout both the city and region at large.

Where To Lease In Campbell

Due to the relatively small geographical size of Campbell, those seeking to establish professional or commercial enterprises in Campbell may find their choices somewhat limited when researching rental properties for lease. That being said, those who do find suitable leasing locations will likely be able to take advantage of an affluent consumer base that actively supports local businesses.

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