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Brisbane Office & Commercial Space

Situated within the state of California’s San Mateo County, the city of Brisbane features a residential population of nearly 4,300 inhabitants, making it one of the smallest communities in the region. Nestled on the lower slopes of the San Bruno Mountain, Brisbane is only a short distance away from the significantly larger economic and cultural hub, San Francisco. Because of this, residents of Brisbane have at their disposal a wide array of cultural and economic amenities, all of which are only a short drive away. Business owners seeking rental properties for lease here, including office space for rent and commercial space for rent, are likely to find that Brisbane provides numerous opportunities for development and growth. The neighborhood zones of Brisbane, while small in number, currently host a multitude of business enterprises.

Brisbane Economic Overview

The median household income level of Brisbane is approximately $74,000, a nearly 50% increase over state averages. It is because of this that the area is often considered to exist within a middle class income designation. Common occupations for residents of Brisbane include positions in industries ranging from construction and manufacturing to the professional, scientific and technical services. Unemployment levels in Brisbane are significantly lower than state averages. Given the fact that the state of California is experiencing markedly higher unemployment than the nation at large, however, Brisbane’s currently unemployment status is largely in line with national averages. It is estimated that approximately .7% of the local population currently lives below the poverty line.

Brisbane At A Glance

The development of Brisbane and its growth as a community can largely be traced to the arrival of the Southern Pacific Railroad. That being said, the community has never experienced levels of growth even remotely similar to neighboring communities. Nevertheless, Brisbane has remained a remarkably stable community, and has provided those who have chosen to live here with a stable, quiet domestic experience that is much more difficult to find in more densely populated areas of the state. Demographically, Brisbane is predominantly Caucasian, although various other ethnic groups can also be found here.

Where to Lease in Brisbane

Due to the fact that Brisbane is, in terms of both geographical and population size, quite small, business owners who may be interested in leasing properties here may have fewer choices than they would have hoped for when selecting a new space. That being said, virtually all of the businesses situated throughout Brisbane benefit from similar levels of visibility and exposure.

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