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Evanston Office & Commercial Space

Located in Cook County, Illinois, Evanston is a largely affluent suburb of Chicago that features a resident population of approximately 75,000 inhabitants. Thanks to its close proximity to the heart of Chicago, residents and business owners in Evanston are able to enjoy all that this large urban center has to offer while still maintaining an enjoyable distance from the fast-paced atmosphere of more centrally located areas. Business owners seeking office space for rent or commercial space for rent in Evanston will be able to utilize the significant economic activity of Chicago to their advantage and locate rental property for lease here that will ensure a solid business foundation in one of the most desirable neighborhood zones in the state.

Evanston Economic Overview

As stated previously, Evanston is one of the more affluent areas of Chicago, featuring median household incomes well above $60,000, which is significantly higher than state averages. The middle class / upper-middle class population of Evanston is typically employed in a variety of in-demand industries, including professional services, education, and the science/technology sector. Residents of Evanston enjoy a level of purchasing power which ensures that many of the local businesses situated within this community are able to thrive. Per capita income of Evanston residents is approximately $40,770.

Evanston At A Glance

Evanston was first incorporated as a town of Illinois in 1863. Although legislative efforts were made to help this community transition into city status, Evanston’s local officials denied the offer. One of the primary draws of this community is the presence of Northwestern University, one of the most prestigious academic institutions in the entire country. In fact, Northwestern University is currently the largest employer within the town. Evanston is serviced by the Chicago Transit Authority, which offers local residents the ability to quickly travel to other areas of the city.

Where To Lease In Evanston

Depending upon the specific type of business in question, varying areas of Evanston may be better suited to individual business owners. The Evanston downtown area currently hosts over 300 commercial enterprises, including retail shops, restaurants and design firms, among others. The majority of the smaller business situated with Evanston are located in the well-trafficked hubs of the town, such as Central Street, Dempster Street and Howard Street, among others.

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