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Lisle Office & Commercial Space

Situated in DuPage County, Lisle’s small-town atmosphere has helped it become an attractive destination for both tourists and locals alike. Having recently been ranked

20 on Forbes’ list of 100 Best Places To Live, Lisle has rapidly become a hot spot for affluent individuals from around the state who are looking for a peaceful change of pace from urban living. Business owners seeking office space for rent or commercial space for rent in the neighborhood zones situated throughout Lisle will find themselves with numerous opportunities to establish a solid business footing thanks to the relatively affordable rental property for lease here.

Lisle Economic Overview

Featuring a median household income that is markedly above stave averages, Lisle consists primarily of middle class / upper-middle class residents who are employed in the sales and technology industries. Retail trade and science/technology are the most dominant industries represented here, and unemployment levels are situated well below state averages, due primarily to the fact that this community is not solely focused on manufacturing-related industries, many of which were several crippled during the 2008 financial crisis. The residents of Lisle enjoy a level of purchasing power and economic freedom which ensures that many of the businesses receive ample support from the local community.

Lisle At A Glance

The village of Lisle was first incorporated in 1956 following significant economic expansion due in large part to the development of the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad. To this day, the community here retains many of its most historic elements, including the Lisle Historic Cemetery, which is now listed as one of the oldest registered cemeteries in the entire state. Today, Lisle is predominantly Caucasian in ethnicity, and features a diverse array of small ethnic populations. As the community here continues to expand, it seems likely that this community will continue to diversify over time.

Where To Lease In Lisle

As is common with many of the small communities in this particular region of Illinois, Lisle’s economy is largely focused in the Downtown area of the village. While an abundance of rental properties may not be available, business owners can, nevertheless, explore available options and find a property that offers them the opportunity to connect with the residents of this town and develop a rewarding relationship with them.

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