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Long Beach Office Space For Sale

2147 Santa Fe Ave - Entire Building Westside, Long Beach, CA 15 to 20 foot ceiling height
Oct 25
For Sale Industrial Mixed Use Office Medical

Long Beach

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Long Beach Office & Commercial Space

The city of Long Beach is located within the state of California in Los Angeles county. The seventh largest city in the state of California, Long Beach hosts a vast array of economic and cultural opportunities for those who are passionate about immersing themselves in a vibrant and diverse population. Widely considered to be one of the United States’ principal maritime centers, Long Beach has long been home to a bustling economy that is fully capable of supporting both industrial and commercial establishments. Rental properties for lease here, including office space for rent and commercial space for rent, can be found throughout the various neighborhood zones of Long Beach.

Long Beach Economic Overview

The city of Long Beach benefits greatly from the presence of numerous large employers, many of whom have helped ensure that the area remained economically stable during the troubling times surrounding the 2008 financial crisis. Examples of larger employers in the area include Boeing, California State University, the US Postal Service and the Long Beach Unified School District. Thanks to a relatively healthy local economy, the city of Long Beach has also been able to develop a thriving cultural center, which, in turn, has proven to be mutually beneficial for all enterprises here. Median household income levels in Long Beach are well above state averages. Some of the more popular industries here include manufacturing, aerospace and education, among a wide variety of other thriving sectors.

Long Beach At A Glance

The history of Long Beach is largely linked to various economic developments which occurred here during the 20th century. Notable examples include the arrival of the Ford motor plant known as “Long Beach Assembly” in 1929, as well as various oil-related industries in 1921, following the discovery of this valuable resource in the area at large. Douglas Aircraft Company also maintained a large presence here since the beginnings of World War II. Although the population here is largely homogenous, the area is slowly developing an international community composed of individuals from all corners of the globe.

Where to Lease in Long Beach

Given the fact that Long Beach is relatively large, business owners are highly advised to explore the particular economic activities occurring in various regions of the city before establishing a business presence here. As stated previously, the maritime activity occurring in Long Beach has helped the area develop a thriving economic infrastructure that will surely be conducive for those establishing both retail and industrial operations in the various neighborhood zones of this city.

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