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The Bronx Commercial Real Estate For Lease

The Bronx

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The Bronx Office Space

This northernmost borough in New York, planted directly above Manhattan and Queens and south of Westchester County is actually the only one of the five boroughs located mainly on the mainland. It is divided by the Bronx River and Jerome Avenue, which creates the division between West Bronx and East Bronx. Much of the Bronx serves to be renovated as a quarter of its land capacity is wide open.

A restructuring of identity and reputation has been at the forefront of the Bronx’s policies since an arson wave hit the city in the 1970s as result of a sharp decline in livable housing and population. New implementations have included commercial spaces.

Office space for rent is available for prices that range from about to $10 per square feet to $40 with square footage ranging from 750 to 15,300.

The Bronx at a Glance

The first settlement was created as part of the New Netherlands in 1639 Jonas Bronck, whom the Bronx River is named after and of course the Borough as well. During its early inhabitance the land was occupied by the Lenape which were progressively replaced by a migration of Irish, German, Jewish and Italian immigrants during its rural population explosion.

The Bronx endured some rough patches following its success as a renowned piano manufacturer with as many as 63 piano factories established in the early 20th century. These hardships primarily occurred from 1950 to 1985 and shifted the city’s socioeconomics from a predominantly moderate-income area to a predominantly lower income area characterized by increases in violence and crime.

In this city are some of the most recognized attractions in the world. Yankee stadium hosts the Yankees, a baseball team whose greatness and excellence has transpired throughout history and made the team a world renowned brand. People enjoy observing and feeding the vast and varying animals at the Bronx Zoo like the Congo Gorilla and the Alligator Snapping Turtle. One of the more relaxing places in all of New York is Wave Hill, a park that hosts a multitude of beautiful gardens, an art gallery, and an elegant main house. After a day touring the attractions of the town, tourists and locals travel to Caridad and Louie’s, Roberto’s, Antonios Trattoria, Neerob, Patricia’s, and Honey’s Thai Pavilion for some quality food and service.

Public transportation to the Bronx Zoo, Yankee Stadium, and Roberto’s is primarily serviced by the MTA 1 train and the 4 train.

The Bronx Real Estate

Unfortunately, in comparison to the rest of the emerging real estate markets of the other four boroughs in New York City, that of the Bronx’s is struggling. Median prices for homes fell from 2% from 220,000 to 215,000. Given that there are about 1.4 million residents and there were only 1,600 home sales, shows how difficult it was for realtors to supply empty homes to a market dwindling in demand.

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