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Staten Island Office Space

Located in the southwest part of New York City, separated by Arthur Kill from New Jersey and from New York by New York Bay, Staten Island is the least populated of the five boroughs in New York. Its population reaches a modest 470,000 but residents inhabit the third largest borough in terms of square miles encompassed.

As a minor revolt to the government and its tendency to overlook the dire needs of Staten Island according to their residents, the area is referred to as “the forgotten borough.” However, what is not forgotten is in fact that it is a large land spaces in the region of one of the top cities in the world, which continually attracts new tenants hungry for business.

Office space for rent is priced as low as $14 per square foot with heights of $156 with square footage ranging between 500 and 114,000.

Staten Island at a Glance

Prior to colonization by Europeans, Staten Island was inhabited by a division of the Lenape, the Raitan band of the Unami, who laced the land with an abundance of foot trails and fixed encampments. In the early 16th century around 1520, Giovanni de Verazaano touched base on the area now known as Staten Island. The name derives from Staaten Eylandt, a title used in the honor of the Dutch parliament known as the Staaten-General. Once the land was settled it was initially used as a trading camp for over a decade as a means to support the new settlement's inhabitants.

Aside from being remarked as a city with a rich history, Staten Island features ample attractions that maintain the interest of its residents and attract tourists worldwide. Perhaps its most popular attraction is its Chinese Scholars Garden which displays authentic Chinese rooms, courtyards, and pools. Another notable landmark is the postcards monument which stands as a tribute and a memorial to the Staten Islanders last in the tragic September 11th attack.

Restaurants with top notch, diverse cuisine are scattered throughout the city and places like Beso, Ruddy&Dean, Bayou and Lee’s Tavern have all received ratings above four stars by its frequent diners. Following dining at one of these fine restaurants people in the area enjoy grabbing a drink or two from Dugout Pub South, Talk of the Town Tavern, or Full Cup.

Public transportation is provided by the MTA subway and buses.

Staten Island Real Estate

Property values recently climbed 7% the past year in this city and it subsequently caused many of its conservative politicians to squirm. Values of Class One properties like single, double, or triple-family homes went up about 5%, forcing some to plead for a tax rebate. Nonetheless, most home owners are relishing in that their property value is increasing. The market has caught the eye of realtors and potential tenants worldwide.

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