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Wauconda Office & Commercial Space

Located in Lake County, Illinois, the village of Wauconda features a residential population of almost 14,000 inhabitants. Thanks to a largely affluent community base, business owners seeking rental properties for lease in Wauconda, including office space for rent and commercial space for rent, will be able to take full advantage of the financial freedom and purchasing power that residents of this community enjoy when developing their business platforms in the neighborhood regions of this community. Businesses located in Wauconda can take full advantage of this community’s close proximity to Chicago and establish a thriving customer base that can be expanded across both the region and state.

Wauconda Economic Overview

On average, median household income levels in Wauconda are nearly 50% greater than those enjoyed in the state of Illinois. The population in this village is typically considered to exist within a middle class / upper-middle class income bracket, and the majority of the residents here are employed in industries including manufacturing, retail trade, construction and educational services, among others. The per capita income of Wauconda is approximately $40,000. Currently, an estimated 2% of families are living below the poverty line here. Unemployment levels in Wauconda are roughly 10% below state averages, due primarily to the fact that the economy here is somewhat more diversified than in many of the small communities situated outside of Chicago. The 2008 financial crisis proved to be very damaging for the manufacturing and construction sectors of the state economy.

Wauconda At A Glance

The origins of Wauconda can be traced back to 1832, when Elihu Hubbard built the first log cabin here along the banks of the nearby lake. By the beginning of the 20th century, a substantial number of independent enterprises had sprung up throughout the area, helping to establish a vibrant and dynamic, albeit small, village. Today, the area hosts a variety of entertaining cultural events, including the annual Wauconda rodeo which serves as a fundraiser for the local Chamber of Commerce. Demographically, Wauconda is primarily Caucasian, with only 10% of the population representing additional ethnic groups.

Where To Lease In Wauconda

The primary hub of Wauconda’s economic activity is the downtown area, which features a number of official buildings as well as a diverse and eclectic grouping of retail and commercial establishments. For those interested in leasing manufacturing-related properties, these can typically be found on the outskirts of the village. Business owners should keep in mind that the relatively small size of the village may necessitate a certain degree of flexibility and compromise when searching for viable rental properties.

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