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South Beloit

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South Beloit Office & Commercial Space

Located in Winnebago County, Illinois, South Beloit is considered to be a part of the Rockford Metropolitan Statistical Area and is one of several small communities located within this region of the state of Illinois. Featuring a resident population of just under 8,000, South Beloit hosts a manufacturing-driven economy that is powered primarily by the local population here. Business owners hoping to find office space for rent in any of the neighborhood zones within South Beloit can take advantage of the relatively affordable nature of property here to establish a viable enterprise at relatively minimal expense. While commercial space in South Beloit is somewhat more difficult to find here than in larger communities interspersed throughout northern Illinois, those who do locate rental property for lease will be rewarded with a solid foundation on which to expand their business throughout the region and state.

South Beloit Economic Overview

The population of South Beloit primarily consists of middle-class workers who have formed careers within the manufacturing centers dispersed through the region. The median household income of workers in this community is approximately $48,000, just slightly below state averages. Although South Beloit’s economic infrastructure suffered during the manufacturing crisis that occurred in the closing years of the 20th century, it has since recovered and is now home to larger corporations, such as Axium Foods and PBC Linear. Common occupations here include metal and plastic work, as well as fabrication and assembly jobs. As stated previously, the most popular industries in South Beloit include a variety of manufacturing-related enterprises.

South Beloit At A Glance

South Beloit was first established in the opening years of the 19th century, although it did not receive its official name until 1837. In the opening years of the 20th century, South Beloit experienced a massive population surge and was formally incorporated as a city in 1917. Although South Beloit has yet to become a dominant economic presence in the region, it remains a steadfast source of economic activity in this region of the state. The population here is largely homogeneous, and the average age of residents hovers between 34 and 35.

Where To Lease In South Beloit

As manufacturing is one of the most dominant industries in this area, the majority of rental properties here are geared towards this type of work. The small size of this town may make it difficult for business owners to find their ideal property type. That being said, the significantly reduced price of these properties will prove to be a unique selling point for those hoping to establish a presence here.

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