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Located in Will County in the state of Illinois, the Village of Monee features a residential population of approximately 3200 inhabitants. With a solidly middle-class economic foundation and enchanting small-town community atmosphere, Monee offers both business owners and residents a unique, one-of-a-kind experience that will prove to be immensely satisfying and enriching. Rental properties for lease here, including office space for rent and commercial space for rent, offer both fresh entrepreneurs and seasoned business owners an affordable and powerful platform on which to launch a wide range of ventures. Monee’s close proximity to Chicago helps ensure that those seeking to develop a viable and sustainable business platform within the neighborhood regions of Monee will have a large customer base at their disposal.

Monee Economic Overview

Featuring median household incomes that are markedly above state averages, the residents of Monee are commonly classified within a middle class/ upper-middle class income bracket. Common occupations for residents of Monee include positions with retail trade, manufacturing, administration and construction, among others. Unemployment levels in Monee have remained well below state averages, a fact which could be explained by the significant diversity displayed within the local economy. Per capita income in Monee is $27,600. Currently, nearly 3% of families in Monee live below designated poverty levels.

Monee At A Glance

As with many of the smaller communities in this area, the development of Monee occurred in large part out of a desire on behalf of residents of Chicago to secure a quiet, tranquil domestic environment outside of the larger city center. Although not commonly defined as a “bedroom community,” Monee’s peaceful atmosphere exists in stark contrast to the hustle and bustle of Chicago. Demographically, Monee is primarily Caucasian, with only 6% of the population representing additional ethnic groups. Nearly 65% of residents here are either married or part of a larger family unit.

Where To Lease In Monee

As could be expected, the vast majority of economic activity in Monee occurs within the downtown region of the community. In similar fashion to numerous Chicago suburbs, Monee’s economic activity, while diverse and substantial, remains somewhat linked to the infrastructure of Chicago. Because of this, business owners can expect, on some level, to compete with enterprises located within the city itself. That being said, the high degree of purchasing power enjoyed by local residents will help nourish and sustain the businesses that do decide to establish themselves within the city limits of this particular community.

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