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Chicago Ridge

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Chicago Ridge Office & Commercial Space

Located in Cook County, Illinois, Chicago Ridge features a residential population of approximately 14,000 inhabitants, the majority of which are between the ages of 34 and 35. Thanks to a younger population and a substantial number of married couples, this community is ideal for business owners seeking rental property for lease, including commercial space for rent and office space for rent, that will prove to be a worthwhile financial investment. The properties located throughout the numerous neighborhood areas of this community are well positioned to provide business owners with a reliable and well-trafficked vantage point on which to grow their business throughout the region and state as a whole.

Chicago Ridge Economic Overview

Median household incomes in Chicago Ridge are approximately $47,000, slightly below state averages. The population here is predominantly middle class, although lower-middle class households can also be found here. Some of the most common sources of employment in Chicago Ridge include the manufacturing, retail trade and transportation industries, among others. Unemployment levels in Chicago Ridge, while still quite high, are below state averages, thanks in large part to the economic diversification that has occurred here in recent times. That being said, 8.1% of families in Chicago Ridge are still living below the poverty line. Per capita income here is nearly $21,000.

Chicago Ridge At A Glance

The village of Chicago Ridge was first incorporated into the state of Illinois in 1914. That being said, substantial population growth did not occur here until 1960, following the expansion of the ever-evolving road system in Illinois. Today, Chicago Ridge is primarily composed of young Caucasian households, with only 10% of the population representing additional ethnic groups. The area boasts a strong European heritage, with a substantial number of residents claiming Irish, Polish, German and Italian descent. One of the more notable attractions here is RidgeFest, an annual music and art celebration that draws a substantial number of visitors from the nearby Chicago metropolitan area.

Where To Lease In Chicago Ridge

Due to the relatively close proximity of Chicago, business owners hoping to establish themselves in Chicago Ridge will undoubtedly be seeking to profit from nearby Chicago residents as well. Because of this, business owners are advised to find rental properties that strike the perfect balance between location and affordability. Unlike many of the smaller communities farther away from Chicago, finding the perfect location is not as important for those in Chicago Ridge who plan on developing lucrative business relationships with customers inside Chicago itself.

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