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Canton Office & Commercial Space

The largest city in Fulton county, Illinois, Canton features a residential population of nearly 15,000 inhabitants. With a relatively small geographical land mass of only 7.90 square miles, Canton features a close-knit community atmosphere that may be compelling for business owners seeking office space for rent in a more peaceful and quiet region of the state. Commercial space for rent and other rental properties for lease in the neighborhood zones of Canton are typically quite affordable, making them excellent venues for those who may not have the financial resources necessary to establish themselves in larger regions of the state but are, nevertheless, invested in establishing a solid foundation for their enterprise.

Canton Economic Overview

The median household income of Canton residents is markedly lower than state averages. Because of this, the residents of this community typically fall within a lower-middle class economic sphere. Common occupations for Canton residents include positions in the manufacturing and retail trade industries. Unemployment remains somewhat high here since the 2008 financial crisis, due in large part to the fact that the manufacturing industry was significantly affected during this period of economic decline. That being said, the low cost of living in this community allows residents to frequent the commercial establishments present throughout the area.

Canton At A Glance

Numerous business enterprises have served as catalysts for growth throughout the diverse history of Canton. First settled in 1825, Canton was the subject of significant economic investment in the second half of the 20th century from businesses such as Central Illinois Energy and Cook Medical. Today, Canton remains an active community on both an economic and developmental level. The community is largely ethnically homogeneous, although small populations of other ethnic groups can also be found here. The population of Canton has steadily risen over the last 40 years.

Where To Lease In Canton

Office and commercial space for lease in Canton may be somewhat difficult to find, due in large part to the fact that this particular community is less economically active than many of the surrounding areas. That being said, those who are invested in locating rental properties for lease in Canton will benefit from the community’s relatively small physical size, making virtually of the properties contain the same geographical advantages and disadvantages of their peers.

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