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Aurora Office & Commercial Space

The second largest city in the state of Illinois, Aurora, also known as the “City of Lights”, is located within the Greater Chicago region and is nestled on the edge of the Illinois Technology and Research Corridor. Featuring an impressive collection of noteworthy architecture and a healthy economy, Aurora has become a popular destination for individuals and businesses seeking office space for rent in an area that is both affordable and advantageously located. Thanks to its extensive history as a manufacturing center, commercial space for rent in Aurora can range in size from small storefronts to full-scale warehouses. Those pursuing a lease in any one of Aurora’s many neighborhood communities will find that this city is a prime location in the state for establishing the beginnings of a sustainable business platform. Rental properties can often be found throughout the city of Aurora.

Aurora Economic Overview

Featuring a resident population of nearly 200,000, the city of Aurora is quite a bit smaller than that of its neighbor, Chicago. That being said, Aurora’s economic infrastructure is thoroughly developed, and supports a number of large businesses, including a variety of Fortune 1000 companies that exist with the aforementioned Illinois Technology and Research Corridor. With a median family income of well over $60,000, the residents of Aurora are able to actively engage with their local economy and ensure that the city remains an attractive destination for both tourists and those relocating here for employment. Some of the larger employers in Aurora have included Caterpillar and the Rush-Copley Medical Center.

Aurora At A Glance

Aurora gained its nickname, the “City of Lights”, due to the fact that it was one of the first cities in the United States to implement an all-electric street lighting system. This commitment to a forward-thinking mentality has helped Aurora maintain a competitive edge in both the state and nation. With an ethnically diverse population and a well-established cultural infrastructure, Aurora appeals to both business owners and residents alike. Notable landmarks here include the Paramount Theatre, Hollywood Casino and Leland Tower. The city of Aurora features a local bus service that can be used to commute to the majority of neighborhoods and areas within the city limits.

Where To Lease In Aurora

Thanks to its relatively small geographical size, advantageous office and commercial space for lease in Aurora can be found throughout the city. The downtown area of Aurora, specifically on streets bordering the Fox River, features lively commercial activity and remains a popular location for both residents and tourists. That being said, areas farther away from the downtown, such as properties on Eola Rd., are also well-suited for many businesses.

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