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Located in both the Poplar Grove and Belvidere Townships of Boone County, Illinois, the village of Poplar Grove features a residential population of nearly 5300 inhabitants. A largely working-class area of the state, Poplar Grove is primarily composed of individuals in their early 30s and include a large number of married couples and families. Rental properties for lease here, including office spaces for rent or commercial spaces for rent, are both affordable and advantageously located throughout the numerous neighborhood zones here. Both new and seasoned business owners may profit immensely from establishing their own enterprise within this community. Business owners may find they have the tools they need to continue to grow upon arrival, expanding their presence in both the region and state at large.

Poplar Grove Economic Overview

With median household incomes situated at almost identical levels to state averages, Poplar Grove’s residents are commonly classified within a middle-class / lower-middle class economic bracket, and are employed in a variety of industries, ranging from manufacturing, construction and retail trade to finance and insurance. Unemployment levels in Poplar Grove have remained slightly higher than state averages, due primarily to the area’s dependence on a number of industries that were significantly affected by the 2008 financial crisis. Per capita income levels in Poplar Grove are nearly $21,000. According to recent data, nearly 4% of the population within Poplar Grove is currently living below the poverty line.

Poplar Grove At A Glance

As is common with many of the smaller communities in this region of the state, Poplar Grove’s history is integrally linked to the efforts of early settlers to the region, many of whom established small commercial or industrial operations near major transportation routes or other commerce hubs. Today, Poplar Grove remains largely unaffected by the increased migration levels into the communities situated on the northeastern side of the state. Demographically, Poplar Grove is almost exclusively Caucasian, with only 1% of the population classified as an alternative ethnicity. Of the 450 households found here, almost 70% included married couples.

Where To Lease In Poplar Grove

Poplar Grove’s relatively small size may prove to be somewhat frustrating for business owners who are searching for the “perfect” property. A moderate degree of flexibility and open-mindedness can dramatically improve sentiment among business owners seeking rental properties for lease here. That being said, those who have begun their search here are advised to look within the downtown area of the village, as this remains the economic and commercial hub of Poplar Grove.

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