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New Lenox Office & Commercial Space

Situated within Will County in the state of Illinois, New Lenox features a residential population of nearly 25,000 inhabitants and is widely considered by many to be one of several communities in this region that will experience significant population growth over the next decade. Featuring a predominantly affluent population in their mid-30s, New Lenox has attracted a large number of families and married couples seeking a peaceful get-away from nearby Chicago, the largest urban center in the state and region. Rental properties for lease, including office space for rent and commercial space for rent, may prove to be quite attractive to business owners who are seeking an affordable platform on which to develop their new or previously established enterprise over time. The various neighborhood zones throughout this community are already home to countless independent businesses that have fared quite well in recent years.

New Lenox Economic Overview

Median household incomes in New Lenox are approximately 50% greater than the state average ($55,000). The residents of New Lenox are typically middle class / upper-middle class, and are employed in industries ranging from manufacturing, construction and retail trade to education and scientific/technical services. Unemployment levels in New Lenox coincide almost directly with state averages. That being said, the community features one of the most financially “solid” populations in the area. Very few, if any, residents are currently living below the poverty line.

New Lenox At A Glance

New Lenox was first established in the 1820s and was called “VanHorne Point” by the first settlers to arrive here. In 1946, New Lenox was officially incorporated as a village in the state of Illinois. Operating under the nickname “The Home Of The Proud Americans,” New Lenox has become a highly sought after residential community for individuals from across the country who are considering a relocation to the state. Demographically, the population of New Lenox is almost exclusively Caucasian, with only 4% of the population representing additional ethnic groups. 70% of the local population are married, and 45% of the 8,000 households here include children under the age of 18.

Where To Lease In New Lenox

Thanks to New Lenox’s relatively close positioning to Chicago, business owners seeking rental properties for lease in this area of the state can benefit from both the financial resources of the local economy as well as the highly developed infrastructure found in the nearby metropolis. The downtown area of New Lenox may prove to be particularly conducive to growth and development for those establishing a commercial or retail presence in the city.

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