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Freeport Office & Commercial Space

Located within Stephenson County, Illinois, Freeport hosts a residential population of nearly 25,000 residents and provides both locals and business owners with the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of a small, close-knit community that enjoys a moderate degree of financial freedom. Those seeking rental properties for lease in Freeport, including office space for rent and commercial space for rent, may be able to use the numerous neighborhood zones within this community as an advantageous launching point for future success in both the region and state as a whole. The community also features a wide array of historic and cultural offerings that capture the attention of tourists throughout the year.

Freeport Economic Overview

With median household incomes only slightly below state averages, Freeport remains a largely middle class / lower-middle class community, with the majority of residents employed in occupations ranging from manufacturing and retail trade to health care and administrative support. Unemployment levels in Freeport have remained quite high following the 2008 recession, due in large part to the fact that a significant number of industries in Freeport are related to areas which were heavily affected by the financial crisis. Average per capita incomes in Freeport are approximately $19,000. While incomes remain markedly lower than state averages, the point should also be made that the cost of living in Freeport remains quite low, allowing residents here to enjoy a degree of purchasing power they may not be able to find elsewhere.

Freeport At A Glance

In 1838, Freeport was established as the official government seat for Stephenson County. Since this pivotal moment, Freeport has remained at the hub of a variety of significant historical events, including the second presidential debate between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen A. Douglas. Today, Freeport has become one of the more diverse communities in the area. Although the population remains largely Caucasian, 20% of the residents here represent additional ethnic groups from countries around the world. Notable landmarks in Freeport include the Don Opel Arboretum, Freeport Art Museum, JETS Observatory and the Jane Addams Hull House Museum, among others.

Where To Lease In Freeport

As Freeport remains quite small, business owners may find that their interests are best served by establishing a presence in the city center, in close proximity to the numerous historical attractions which drive both local and tourist traffic into the downtown regions. Manufacturing businesses may find advantageous properties on the outskirts of the city that are more conducive to hosting larger operations.

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