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DeKalb Office & Commercial Space

Located in DeKalb County, Illinois, the city of DeKalb hosts a residential population of nearly 43,000 inhabitants. Featuring an economy driven primarily by the local academic institution, Northern Illinois University, the residents of DeKalb enjoy a stable life that is far removed from the hustle and bustle of Chicago, the largest urban center in both the region and the state. Rental properties for lease, including office space for lease and commercial space for lease, may prove to be advantageous for business owners seeking an affordable platform on which to connect with customers and grow their business. Many of the neighborhood zones of DeKalb are home to privately owned businesses working within a range of industries.

DeKalb Economic Overview

With household incomes substantially below state averages, the majority of DeKalb’s residents are situated within a lower-middle class economic bracket. That being said, the point must also be made that a significant number of individuals here are employed by the university and maintain a stable, somewhat affluent living. The most common occupations for DeKalb’s residents include positions within the educational infrastructure of Northern Illinois University, as well as jobs within the retail trade and manufacturing fields. Unemployment in DeKalb has remained consistent with state averages, due primarily to the presence of a significant manufacturing industry here which was crippled during the 2008 financial crisis. Per capita income of DeKalb residents is approximately $16,000.

DeKalb At A Glance

The community of DeKalb was first established in 1837, and grew significantly following the arrival of the Chicago and Northern Western Transportation Company. The arrival of Northern Illinois University in 1895 further encouraged economic growth in the area. Today, DeKalb hosts a thriving and diverse population, as well as an outstanding array of natural parks and attractions. Demographically, DeKalb is primarily Caucasian, although a quarter of the population represents various other ethnic groups.

Where To Lease In DeKalb

Depending upon the nature of the business in question, business owners may stand to benefit greatly by leasing properties in close proximity to the university. This will allow them to take full advantage of the thorough pedestrian traffic of students and faculty members frequenting the university on a daily basis. A wide range of affordable manufacturing properties can be found in DeKalb as well.

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