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Brookfield Office & Commercial Space

Situated within Cook County, Illinois, Brookfield is one of several suburban communities located within the outskirts of Chicago, the largest urban center in the region and the state. A largely affluent community composed of middle-aged residents and families, Brookfield offers locals a quaint, community-friendly environment that is the perfect respite from the more fast-paced, frenetic tempo of Downtown Chicago. Business owners seeking rental properties for lease in Brookfield, including office space for rent and commercial space for rent, can benefit from this community’s close proximity to the most prominent economic center in the Midwest United States. The properties found throughout the neighborhood zones of this community are guaranteed to provide a viable and sustainable platform for continued growth in the region.

Brookfield Economic Overview

Median household incomes in Brookfield are markedly above state averages. Because of this, the large majority of residents here are classified within a middle income / upper-middle income designation. Common industries for residents of Brookfield include positions within industries including manufacturing and the professional, scientific and technical service areas. Unemployment levels in Brookfield remain quite high, and may prove to be a stumbling block for business owners looking to harness the lucrative rewards of the area’s consumer base quickly. 2.3% of families in Brookfield are currently living below the poverty line. Per capita income here is approximately $24,000.

Brookfield At A Glance

The first settlers arrived in Brookfield in 1889, due in large part to the development of the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy Railroad which provided additional economic opportunities for the intrepid founders of this community. One of the more notable attractions here is the Brookfield Zoo, which serves as both a local and regional attraction for tourists and residents. Demographically, Brookfield is almost exclusively Caucasian (94%), with only 6% of residents identifying as other ethnicities. The residents here also feature a strong European heritage, including German, Irish, Polish, Italian and Czech ancestries.

Where To Lease In Brookfield

Thanks to the relatively close proximity of Brookfield to Chicago, business owners leasing properties in this particular community do not need to be as overly concerned about location as would those establishing themselves in more isolated areas. The downtown area of Brookfield is ideal for commercial establishments that seek to build connections with both the local population as well as consumers in Chicago itself.

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