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Plainfield Office & Commercial Space

Located in Will County, Illinois, the village of Plainfield is one of several small communities in the area that features a uniquely accommodating small-town atmosphere alongside easy access to Chicago, the largest metropolitan area in both the state and region at large. Business owners seeking rental properties for lease, including office space for rent and commercial space for rent, will be able to harness the potential of Plainfield’s advantageous location and develop lucrative and rewarding relationships with both local clientele as well as the large consumer base located within Chicago. The numerous neighborhood zones of Plainfield are currently home to many businesses across a wide range of industries and interests.

Plainfield Economic Overview

Featuring median household incomes that are double that of state averages, Plainfield is considered one of the more affluent communities in the region, with the majority of residents here classified as middle class or upper-middle class. Common occupations for residents of Plainfield include positions in the manufacturing, construction and retail trade industries, among others. Unlike many of their close neighbors, the residents of Plainfield often occupy leadership roles in these various pursuits. Unemployment levels in Plainfield are approximately 10% below state averages, due in large part to both the diversified nature of the economy here as well as the prominent roles that residents play within their various occupations. The per capita income of Plainfield is approximately $28,000. Studies have shown that nearly 1% of the population here is currently living below the poverty line.

Plainfield At A Glance

The origins of Plainfield can be traced back to the arrival of European fur traders in 1826. During the Civil War, Plainfield was used by a variety of abolitionists as an active stop along the famed Underground Railroad. Among the various noted personalities that have either lived or have been born in Plainfield include Eddie Gardner, one of the first individuals to have helped develop the transcontinental airmail routes now used widely by the US Postal Service. Demographically, Plainfield is largely homogenous, with nearly 96% of the local population classified as Caucasian and 4% identified as additional ethnicities. Of the 4,300 household found here, 73% featured married couples and 47% included children under the age of 18.

Where To Lease In Plainfield

As is common with communities the size of Plainfield, business owners seeking the best possible locations for commercial rental properties in the area are advised to explore available leases in the downtown area. The large number of wealthy families here, combined with Plainfield’s short distance from Chicago, will allow savvy business owners to take full advantage of two distinct groups of potential customers, those located within Plainfield and those traveling here from Chicago specifically to purchase the products or services they offer.

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