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Montgomery Office & Commercial Space

Located in both Kane and Kendall County, Montgomery features a residential population of nearly 20,000 inhabitants. Featuring a relatively affluent population and a well-diversified economy, the neighborhood zones of Montgomery are ideal for business owners seeking rental properties for lease, including office space for rent and commercial space for rent, that are both affordable and advantageously positioned. Those who do take advantage of rental properties in Montgomery will be perfectly positioned to develop their business throughout both the region and state at large.

Montgomery Economic Overview

As stated previously, median household income levels in Montgomery are markedly above state averages. The population here, therefore, is widely considered to exist within a middle class / upper-middle class income bracket. The majority of residents here are employed in industries ranging from manufacturing and construction to retail trade, finance and insurance. As stated previously, the diversified economy found in Montgomery has helped keep unemployment levels lower than state averages. This degree of variation and diversification will prove to be immensely beneficial for business owners who rely upon an active and supportive consumer base for the core financial support of their enterprise. The per capita income of Montgomery is approximately $28,000. A very small percentage of local residents and families currently live below the poverty line.

Montgomery At A Glance

Jacob Carpenter is credited with being the first settler to establish a residence in Montgomery in November, 1832. In 1858, Montgomery was officially incorporated as a village in the state of Illinois. Thanks to a resurgence of interest in the state and region at the beginning of the 21st century, Montgomery experienced rapid population growth over the span of a decade. Demographically, Montgomery is largely Caucasian, with only ¼ of the local population representing additional ethnicities. As is common with many of the communities in the area, a large number of families and married couples can be found here.

Where To Lease In Montgomery

Montgomery’s relatively small geographical size may pose some challenges for business owners seeking the “perfect” property here. That being said, the rental properties that are available throughout this particular community allow for complete immersion within the community and direct communication with potential customers on a regular basis. The downtown area of Montgomery may be particularly conducive for those seeking to establish a presence here.

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