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Bartlett Office & Commercial Space

Located in both Cook and DuPage County, the village of Bartlett features a residential population of nearly 42,000. Thanks to a well established economic and cultural sector, Bartlett is an advantageous location for business owners seeking office space for rent or commercial space for rent in a relatively affordable area of the state. The businesses situated throughout the neighborhood zones of Bartlett benefit from the welcoming community atmosphere here as well as a largely affluent population. Rental properties for lease throughout Bartlett will prove to be beneficial for both seasoned business owners as well as entrepreneurs entering the state for the first time.

Bartlett Economic Overview

With median household incomes well above state averages, the residents of Bartlett are firmly middle class, employed in a variety of industries including manufacturing and retail trade, among others. Due to the diversified nature of Bartlett’s economy, unemployment levels have remained well below state averages. The average per capita income of residents in Bartlett is approximately $30,000. Due to the levels of prosperity found in the community, the residents of Bartlett enjoy a healthy degree of purchasing power which allows them to support the local businesses found here. Depending upon the specific industry in question, business owners may be able to leverage the large retail presence in Bartlett to their advantage.

Bartlett At A Glance

Bartlett was officially incorporated as a village in the state of Illinois in 1892. The community is largely distinguished by the depth of its cultural infrastructure, which includes multiple theatre groups, an arts council and one of region’s only Hindu worship centers. On a demographic level, Bartlett is largely homogeneous, with nearly 90% of the population classified as Caucasian. Bartlett is also home to one the area’s largest retail shopping centers, which attracts visitors from throughout the area.

Where To Lease In Bartlett

As is common with many of the communities in the region, the most advantageous locations for those seeking to rent office or commercial space in Bartlett can be found in the downtown regions of the village. That being said, rental properties may be somewhat difficult to locate here due to the small population size, meaning that business owners may be required to maintain a level of flexibility when searching out suitable locations for their future enterprise.

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