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Shorewood Office & Commercial Space

Featuring a resident population of just over 16,000 inhabitants, the community of Shorewood is one of several small towns located in the northeastern region of Illinois on the outskirts of the Greater Chicago area. Widely considered to be one of the most popular suburban communities in the region and state, it’s not uncommon for Chicago residents to move to Shorewood to raise children and purchase a home. For those interested in finding office space for rent here, the relevant affluence of the community will ensure a sustainable economic infrastructure on which to build a legitimate presence in the region and state as a whole. Commercial space for rent in any neighborhood within Shorewood can be found across a wide array of sizes and lease arrangements.

Shorewood Economic Overview

With a median household income of roughly $88,000, the residents of Shorewood are largely considered to exist within a middle-class/upper middle-class social framework. This level of affluence also ensures that residents are able to support the businesses and commercial enterprises that exist within their own city limits. Some of the most common occupations of local residents include roles as engineers, corporate executives and sales representatives. Unlike many of the small towns in the northern region of Illinois, Shorewood has not historically relied upon manufacturing as a significant factor within the local economy. Because of this, the community fared quite well during the manufacturing crises that occurred in the early 90s.

Shorewood At A Glance

Shorewood was originally known as a fishing and resort community and was frequented by professionals living and working in Chicago who desired a relaxing weekend retreat. Up until its official incorporation in 1957, Shorewood was known as Troy, Illinois. Since then, the significant influx of couples and families has helped Shorewood develop at a rapid pace, blossoming into the coveted suburb it is today. The population of Shorewood is largely homogeneous and is, on average, quite young, with the median age of residents here situated between 38 and 40.

Where To Lease In Shorewood

Due to the relatively small size of this community, those interested in pursuing leasing options in Shorewood may find it difficult to find a property that perfectly matches their expectations. That being said, the small geographical confines of Shorewood ensure that businesses can maximize their visibility within the community from a wide collection of locations.

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