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LaSalle County Office & Commercial Space

With a population of well over 112,000 residents, LaSalle County is one of the larger counties in Illinois, and is home to a variety of small communities involved in a wide range of industries. The largest city in LaSalle County is Ottawa, which hosts a resident population of nearly 20,000 individuals. For business owners, finding office space for rent or commercial space for rent in the numerous neighborhood zones located throughout LaSalle County can prove to be immensely rewarding, particularly for those who are looking to establish a sustainable presence in their city, region and state. Rental property for lease in LaSalle County is typically quite affordable.

LaSalle County Economic Overview

LaSalle County features a median household income that coincides almost directly with state averages. Because of this, the population here can largely be considered middle class, employed in industries ranging from construction to agriculture. Unemployment in LaSalle County has remained quite high following the recession, due in large part to the fact that a substantial number of residents here worked in industries that were strongly affected by the economic downturn. That being said, the cost of living in LaSalle is nearly 20% lower than US averages, making it quite affordable to live here. Business owners may find that their business is more likely to thrive in the relatively larger population centers in LaSalle County, such as the city of Ottawa.

LaSalle County At A Glance

LaSalle County was first formed in 1851, following the merger of Tazewell and Putnam Counties. Although, demographically speaking, the community here is largely homogeneous (approximately 94% Caucasian), a growing population, particularly in the city of Ottawa, has helped ensure that this area continues to diversify and expand. The area is home to a variety of historical landmarks and points of interest, including the Streator Public Library Building and the Middle East Conflicts Memorial Wall, among others. LaSalle County is home to the Illinois Valley Regional Airport.

Where To Lease In LaSalle County

Depending upon the particular interests and needs of the entrepreneur or business owner in question, a variety of locations throughout LaSalle County may prove to be quite conducive for rewarding growth. Businesses engaged in retail transactions with customers are strongly recommended to explore available property in Ottawa, as this city remains the hub of economic activity in the area.

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