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Joliet Office & Commercial Space

Located in Will and Kendall Counties, Joliet is the fourth-most populated city in the state of Illinois, featuring over 147,000 residents. Considered to be the fasting growing city in the state, Joliet has become the subject of increased attention by business owners and entrepreneurs around the country, many of whom are attracted to the relatively affordable rates on rental property for lease in the neighborhood zones here. Those interested in finding office space for rent or commercial space for rent in Joliet will be able take advantage of these advantageous offers and establish a firm presence in the region.

Joliet Economic Overview

With a median household income slightly above state averages, many of the residents of Joliet are firmly middle class. Typical occupations for Joliet residents include positions in construction and public administration. Following the 2008 financial crisis, unemployment levels in Joliet have remained markedly higher than both state and national averages, a fact which is explained by the community’s reliance on manufacturing-related industries, many of which were severely hindered during the recent recession. That being said, the rapid and substantial influx of migrants to Joliet is helping to ensure that this community will continue to develop in wealth and prominence for the near future. Average per capita income in Joliet is approximately $23,000.

Joliet At A Glance

Joliet was incorporated as a city in Illinois in 1952, following its first incorporation as a village in 1837. Today, this city features a number of notable attractions, including the Joliet Area Historical Museum, the Jacob A. Henry Mansion and the Louis Joliet Mall. In terms of demographics, the city is almost evenly split between Caucasians and a collection of other ethnicities, ranging from Latinos to African Americans, among others. Amtrak remains one of the more prominent public transportation outlets in the city, offering daily service to both Chicago and, on the far southern extreme, San Antonio, Texas.

Where To Lease In Joliet

Joliet is one of the larger cities in both Will and Kendall Counties. Because of this, business owners may have increased opportunities to locate a rental property that closely matches their desired size and functionality. As a general rule, those who are seeking commercial space for retail purposes may find their needs best served by properties in the downtown area. As this area is growing rapidly, rental properties may be in increased demand here.

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