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Located predominantly in Winnebago County, Illinois, the village of Cherry Valley contains a residential population of roughly 3,000 people, making it one of the smaller communities in the state. Although the neighborhood zones situated throughout Cherry Valley are somewhat small, business owners seeking office space for rent or other rental properties for lease here can find affordable options that will serve as an excellent foundation for further success in the state. Commercial space for rent in Cherry Valley is commonly available at significantly more affordable prices than in other areas of the state.

Cherry Valley Economic Overview

The median household income of Cherry Valley residents is nearly identical to state averages, helping this community to achieve a largely middle class status. As could be expected from Cherry Valley’s position within the state, the majority of the jobs found in this community are oriented around the manufacturing industry. Because of this, unemployment in Cherry Valley remains somewhat higher than in communities within Illinois featuring more diversified economies. The estimated per capita income of Cherry Valley residents is nearly $32,000.

Cherry Valley At A Glance

The community of Cherry Valley was first established in 1835 with the arrival of Joseph Griggs. Cherry Valley was formally incorporated as a village in 1857. Since then, the community has developed a unique identity and economic profile, helped in large part by the abundance of Chicago residents that have moved to the area and now commute back into the major urban center for work. The population of Cherry Valley is almost exclusively Caucasian, with well over 90% of the residents here belonging to this ethnic classification. Other ethnic groups include Hispanics, Asians, and African Americans. The population of this community expanded considerably in 2009 and 2010 following the 2008 financial crisis, but has since slowed in growth considerably.

Where To Lease In Cherry Valley

The small size of Cherry Valley’s resident population and physical dimensions may make it somewhat difficult to find available properties for lease here that match desired size and functionality preferences. Those who do enter into a lease in Cherry Valley will enjoy the affordable leasing rates and close-knit nature of the community, an intimate environment which can prove to be beneficial for those who interact with customers on a regular basis.

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