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Bradley Office & Commercial Space

Located within Kankakee County and the larger Kankakee-Bradley Metropolitan Statistical Area, the community of Bradley features a residential population of slightly less than 16,000. One of several small communities situated within the area, Bradley offers business owners seeking office space for rent a collection of affordable rental properties for lease that can act as excellent points of departure for larger ventures in the state. The commercial space for rent throughout the neighborhood zones of Kankakee County is a perfect choice for those hoping to solidify their financial footing in an affordable area of the state.

Bradley Economic Overview

As median household incomes in Bradley are slightly lower than state average, the vast majority of residents here are from lower-middle class backgrounds. Common industries and occupations found within the community include manufacturing and retail-trade related jobs. With a relatively high unemployment rate, Bradley has yet to fully recover from the 2008 financial crisis that proved to be severely detrimental to Illinois’ once dominant manufacturing industry. The estimated per capita income of Bradley residents is approximately $23,000. While these figures point to a somewhat less developed economic infrastructure than in surrounding communities, Bradley’s markedly reduced cost of living allows residents to still enjoy a degree of purchasing power which provides the necessary support for local businesses.

Bradley At A Glance

Bradley’s origins can be traced back to 1891, when the David Bradley Plow Works established the first commercial enterprise here. In the 1980s, Bradley suffered severe economic decline during the now infamous manufacturing crisis. Today, the community has regained a portion of its economic prominence thanks to the presence of an increasing number of commercial enterprises. In similar fashion to numerous communities in the region, the population of Bradley is largely homogeneous on an ethnic level, although several international ethnic groups can also be found here.

Where To Lease In Bradley

Business owners hoping to find office and commercial space for rent in Bradley may find it somewhat difficult to locate their ideal property, if only due to the fact that the relatively small size of this community makes the available selection of properties for lease somewhat small. That being said, business owners can take advantage of significantly reduced rental rates here relative to larger communities within Illinois and invest heavily in their own enterprises without having to worry about lofty leasing expenses.

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