Illinois Medical Space For Lease

1100 W Central Rd - 5 Spaces Wheeling, IL lease term negotiable
Nov 17
940 - 1,800
Office Medical
3033 Ogden Ave - Unit 300 (Floor 3) Lisle, IL  
Nov 15
Office Medical
1020 Milwaukee Ave - 2 Spaces Vernon, IL  
Nov 14
Office Medical
2551 N Clark St - Unit 301N (Floor 3) Lincoln Park, Chicago, IL  
Nov 10
Mixed Use Office Medical Retail
901 N Elm St - 2 Spaces Hinsdale, IL lease term negotiable
Nov 09
640 - 3,960
Office Medical
65 E Park Blvd - Unit 65 (Floor 1) York, IL  
Nov 08
Office Medical
450 E 22nd St - 2 Spaces Lombard, IL  
Oct 25
860 - 2,250
Office Medical
257 W Elk Trail - 2 Spaces Bloomingdale, IL end cap space
Oct 16
1,290 - 1,300
Office Medical Retail
4415 Harrison St - 10 Spaces Hillside, IL  
Oct 13
1,930 - 4,240
Office Medical


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Illinois Office & Commercial Space

The 5th most populous state in the United States, Illinois offers residents and visitors a wide array of business and cultural opportunities. Featuring a diverse economy that successfully incorporates the agricultural, manufacturing and technology industries, among others, it’s no surprise that Illinois has become a popular destination for business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking to firmly establish themselves in both the state and the American Midwest at large. Office space for rent in Illinois can be found in many of the cities and communities throughout this specific region. Although the majority of commercial space for rent in Illinois is located within the many distinct neighborhood areas of Chicago, the 3rd most populous city in the United States, a variety of rental properties are situated throughout Greater Chicago, the Illinois Technology and Research Corridor, as well as in southern areas of the state. Those hoping to find a lease in Illinois will be rewarded with a vibrant state economy, a diverse population and the potential for substantial growth.

Illinois Economic Overview

With a gross state product well over $650 billion and a per capita personal income above $40,000, the state of Illinois features a healthy economy that is poised for growth over the coming years. As can be expected, the majority of the wealth and economic activity in the state is located in the city of Chicago, which boasts a large business and financial sector in addition to countless commercial enterprises. Outside of the cities, Illinois remains one of the country’s top food manufacturers and meat processors. Tourism is also a significant economic stimulus for the state, thanks in large part to the visitor-friendly nature of Chicago and the numerous entertainment opportunities found here. The city also hosts two professional baseball teams, as well as professional football, hockey, soccer and basketball organizations, all of which prove to be immensely lucrative enterprises for the city of Chicago and the entire state.

Illinois At A Glance

One of the more popular sentiments concerning Illinois is that the state acts as an accurate, albeit significantly smaller, representation of the entire country at large. Officially recognized as a state in 1818, Illinois has rapidly grown to become a dominant economic and cultural force with the region and country at large. Although the city of Chicago obviously holds tremendous appeal for those seeking to establish a business here, neighboring communities, including Aurora and Rockford, among others, also provide numerous opportunities for development and growth. The city of Chicago has grown increasingly diverse since its inception, and now hosts residents from virtually all corners of the globe.

Where To Lease In Illinois

Depending upon the particular interests of the business owner in question, various portions of Illinois may be conducive to leasing office or commercial space. For those involved in the agricultural industry, communities in the southern portion of the state may provide rewarding and advantageous rental opportunities. Those involved in business-related ventures, such as the technology, manufacturing and financial services industry, will find their interests better catered to the more densely populated areas of the state, such as Chicago and the numerous suburbs that constitute the Greater Chicago area. Businesses involved in cultural industries, such as fine art, music and theatre, among others, will find significantly more opportunities in Chicago than can be found elsewhere in Illinois. The aforementioned Illinois Technology and Research Corridor, which comprises over two dozen small neighborhoods, communities and suburbs in the Greater Chicago region, will serve as an excellent resource pool for businesses engaging in associated activities.

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