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Roscoe Office & Commercial Space

Located in Winnebago County, Illinois, the village of Roscoe hosts a residential population of approximately 11,000 inhabitants. One of several communities in the area that has recently experienced a period of unprecedented growth, Roscoe is rapidly transforming itself into one of the more notable communities in the region. For business owners, finding rental property for lease in Roscoe, including both office space for rent and commercial space for rent, may prove to be an immensely beneficial first-step towards establishing a viable presence in the area. The numerous neighborhood zones of Roscoe host a diverse array of enterprises and organization that represent a wide collection of industries and specialties.

Roscoe Economic Overview

Median household income levels in Roscoe are nearly 40% greater than state averages. With this in mind, the population here is commonly classified within a firmly middle income dynamic. The average age of Roscoe’s residents is 35, and the majority of employed individuals here work within industries including manufacturing, retail trade, construction and transportation, among others. That being said, unemployment levels in Roscoe are nearly 2% higher than state averages, due in large part to the reliance of the region upon manufacturing-related occupations, many of which were significantly impacted by the 2008 financial crisis. The per capita income for Roscoe is approximately $25,000. According to recent surveys, 2.9% of the general population here currently lives below the poverty line.

Roscoe At A Glance

As is common with the vast majority of small communities in this area of the state, the origins of Roscoe can be traced back to various spurts of economic growth and development in the area over the last century. Although the area has not received the level of investment or attention as many of the larger communities in this region of the state, it nevertheless remains a dynamic and ever-changing environment for all who live here. Demographically, Roscoe is almost exclusively classified as Caucasian, with only 4% of the population representing additional ethnic groups. Of the nearly 2,000 households found here, 67% feature married couples.

Where To Lease In Roscoe

Properties in Roscoe may be somewhat difficult to find, if only due to the fact that the population here remains quite small. That being said, business owners who are willing to invest the time needed to properly research available listings may find a number of worthwhile properties in the downtown area of the community. The relative affordability of these properties will also be a strong selling point for those hoping to establish their business while remaining on a conservative budget.

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