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DeKalb County

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DeKalb County Office & Commercial Space

With a population of nearly 105,000 residents, DeKalb County is one of several conglomerations of cities and villages in this region of the state of Illinois which features an abundance of economic opportunities for business owners and entrepreneurs. Rental properties for lease here, including office space for rent and commercial space for rent, may prove to be a powerful and affordable platform from which to launch a thriving business in the state. The numerous neighborhood zones throughout DeKalb County have hosted countless business enterprises throughout the last century. This region of Illinois holds lucrative potential for those willing to invest in it.

DeKalb County Economic Overview

With median household incomes only slightly below state averages, DeKalb County primarily consists of middle income / lower-middle class residents who are commonly employed in a wide range of industries, including agriculture, mining and construction. That being said, this area has experienced the full brunt of the economic recession, due in large part to the region’s emphasis on manufacturing and labor-related industries, many of which were critically injured during the 2008 financial crisis. Fortunately, the cost of living in DeKalb County remains quite low, allowing many residents here to enjoy a decent standard of living without requiring a significant financial investment. The per capita income of DeKalb residents is approximately $19,000. Nearly 5% of families here are currently living below the poverty line.

DeKalb County At A Glance

Formed in 1837 from lands previously belonging to Kane County, DeKalb County was initially named in honor of Johann de Kalb, a German who gained incredible fame and honor during the American Revolutionary War. The area has long been known as a center of agriculture in the state, and a variety of fairs and related events are featured heavily throughout the region. Demographically, the population is predominantly Caucasian (circ. 88%), with only 12% of residents representing additional ethnic groups. The largest cities in DeKalb County include DeKalb, Genoa, Sandwich and Sycamore.

Where To Lease In Dekalb County

Depending upon the nature of the lease in question, residents may be most likely to reap profit from their business operations by situating them in the larger cities of the county, including the aforementioned DeKalb, Genoa, Sandwich and Sycamore. That being said, the countless villages and townships situated throughout the county also hold worthwhile economic potential.

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