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Crest Hill

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Crest Hill Office & Commercial Space

Situated in Will County, Illinois, the city of Crest Hill features a residential population of nearly 20,000 inhabitants, the majority of which are between the age of 30 and 40. Thanks to a largely middle class population and family-oriented atmosphere, Crest Hill is ideal for business owners seeking rental property for lease, including office space for rent and commercial space for rent, that will offer them a stable and affordable platform on which to develop their business over time. The neighborhood zones located throughout Crest Hill are perfect for those interested in laying the foundation for a thriving business enterprise here.

Crest Hill Economic Overview

Median household incomes in Crest Hill are approximately $46,000, somewhat below state averages. As stated previously, the vast majority of the residents of Crest Hill can be classified as middle class/lower-middle class. Common occupations for residents of Crest Hill include positions in industries ranging from manufacturing to retail trade and construction. Unemployment levels in Crest Hill remain lower than state averages, although only slightly. This could be explained by the more diversified nature of the economy relative to many areas of the state where the former prominence of the manufacturing industries located there was significantly impaired by the onset of the 2008 financial crisis. Per capita income levels in Crest Hill are approximately $22,317. According to recent studies, 2.6% of families in Crest Hill are currently living below the poverty line.

Crest Hill At A Glance

One of the primary attractions of Crest Hill is the relatively tranquil atmosphere that can be found here. Of particular interest is the fact that one of the state’s largest penitentiaries, Stateville Correctional Center, is located here. This particular prison gained immense fame following the execution of noted serial killer John Wayne Gacy. Although the prison remains a prominent fixture in the community, both business owners and residents are engaged in a variety of other pursuits outside of this particular institution.

Where To Lease In Crest Hill

As could be expected, the vast majority of businesses in Crest Hill are located in the city center. This area of the town offers the best possible locations for sustainable financial growth within the city limits. That being said, a number of manufacturing-related industries can benefit from the more affordable and larger properties on the city limits.

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