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Countryside Office & Commercial Space

Featuring a residential population of slightly less than 6,000 inhabitants, Countryside is one of several small communities located within Cook County, Illinois. With a physical area of only 2.88 square miles, Countryside provides residents and business owners with a serene, tranquil experience, far removed from the hustle and bustle of urban living. Although office space for rent and commercial space for rent in the neighborhood zones of Countryside may be somewhat difficult to find, renters are rewarded with an affordable platform on which to further develop their business and expand into more developed regions of the state and country.

Countryside Economic Overview

The median household income of Countryside is approximately $58,000, slightly above state averages. As is common with many of the small communities interspersed throughout this region of the state, manufacturing plays a dominant role in the local economy. Unfortunately, the recent financial crisis of 2008 had a significant effect on the economy of Countryside, and unemployment levels remain quite high compared to both national and state averages. A relatively low cost of living, however, ensures that the residents of this town can still support local enterprises. The average per capita income of Countryside residents hovers around $26,000.

Countryside At A Glance

Countryside was formally incorporated as a city of Illinois in 1960. Following its official inception, the area has sustained a steady, albeit small, population expansion, coinciding largely with economic development here. Of particular interest for history buffs is a chicken farm located near Route 66 which once belonged to the famous Marx brothers. Notable attractions in the area include the Countryside Shopping Center, which caters to shoppers from around the region. This shopping center remains one of the most active economic zones in the city.

Where To Lease In Countryside

The small physical size of Countryside may make it somewhat difficult for business owners to find properties that are fully compatible with their expectations. Rental property is also somewhat rare here due to the relatively low level of economic activity. That being said, those who do decided to lease property here will find themselves fully integrated into the local community, which can prove to be a huge strength for those who cater to local clientele.

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